Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recipe Exchange and Potluck

I have discovered one of the most frustrating things about blogging is - time.  There are so many ideas popping around in my head but finding the time to turn them into printed words can be challenging.  This post is a month later than I hoped it would be but still tasty!

Last month my husband and I extended an invitation to all of our fellow Weight Watchers' to join us in our home for a recipe exchange.  I had participated in one before and it was so much fun I thought it would translate well to our group.  The theme, of course, was recipes that would be easy to make and low in points.

Our group was about a dozen people, a perfect fit for our kitchen.  I couldn't have designed a better menu for our lunch together.  I made the, now famous, Triple Chocolate Brownies and a simple vegetarian chili. Between the rest of the gang we had several main dishes, some sides, a few desserts, and even a breakfast casserole.  Everyone went around serving up tastes of the various dishes.  Over our meal we traded tips, cook books titles, other quick meal ideas, and shared more of our own stories.

After participating in the same Weight Watchers meeting for over three years it was really fun to see everyone away from our meeting room.  I think we can feel a little obligated to share things that are exclusive to the company when we are at our weekly meeting.  This private event allowed us to get excited about all the other tools we utilize to help us become healthier people.

The day was crisp and sunny and our kitchen was bright and cozy.  After a few hours everyone packed up happy to have tried so many new foods but I don't think anyone left stuffed.  We were all so good about having little tastes and staying on track, there were more leftovers from this potluck than any I had been to before.  Even the desserts were throughly enjoyed but only about half eaten!

In the week following I organized all the recipes so our leader could email them to everyone, even those who were unable to attend.  Community is so important to achieving success in our weight goals and this was a really fun and easy way to share an experience with our weight loss community.  I highly recommend hosting a recipe exchange to get some new ideas, build friendships, and break out of the ordinary.

I am going to post several of the recipes from our potluck on the Our Lady of Second Helpings Facebook page.  Head on over there and click on the "notes" link to browse through these and other recipes I have posted.

The Potluck Gang - Happy, Healthy, and Full of Life!

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