Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Farmer's Market Visit - In Pictures

Last Friday our family attended the final day of the Richland, WA Farmers' Market.  I really enjoy this particular farmers' market.  It is held on Friday mornings from June through October and occupies several blocks in the very walkable heart of Richland.  Over the last few weeks I have been taking a digital photography class through a local community college.  After three weeks of organized field trips we were sent out on our own to put the lessons work.  I thought the farmers' market would be a great opportunity to try out some of the things I had learned.  Below are some of my favorite shots to share the market with my readers.  I hope you enjoy the tour.

There are many regional farmers, retailers, and artisans who attend this market.  Additionally each week there are different local musicians preforming a variety of music to liven up the shopping experience.  I thought these guys were really good.  Heavy on the Johnny Cash covers, they also threw in several train-themed tunes in honor of the mandolin player's costume.

The last day of the market was also the beginning of Halloween weekend and many of the sellers and shoppers were in the spirit.  I saw several produce themed costumes, the pod of peas was my favorite.  This gentleman let me photograph his fantastic hat and then showed off his apple pears that were over a pound a piece!

I have not rallied the courage to start cooking with fresh chillies yet.  They seem like a fiery and mysterious ingredient.  I do love the bold colors of spicy peppers and I happily snapped a picture of these gorgeous little devils.

Greenies, an outdoors shop along the farmers' market, pulled several bikes out for shoppers view as they strolled along.  They had some super cool electric models but my favorite was this one with a colorful seat and floral fender. One of these days I'll get my own bike fixed up and running again.  (Or trade up for a prettier one like this!  hmm... Dear Santa...)

We stopped for a bit and chatted with the women who were running one of the produce stands.  Two of them were recent Breast Cancer survivors and we compared some notes on healthy living.  When I told them about this blog one of the women insisted I take home this fun item.  She said it is a spiny cucumber and very bitter to eat but cool to look at.  My husband modeled it for me and then reported the spines are soft at the end and not nearly as menacing as they look.  I have now given it a place of honor in my kitchen window.

The same booth was displaying bushel baskets full of sweet peppers.  I was on the look out for something to become a fun salad, so, I snagged some of the red and orange Yum Yums (shown below) and yellow Horn Peppers.  Later that evening they were delicious sliced up with some cucumbers, from the market, and tomatoes, from my yard, tossed in a vinaigrette dressing.

I couldn't walk past the stand with these wreaths with out snapping a few pictures.  They were so beautiful hanging in the sunlight.  I wanted to take one home but we were getting overloaded and I wasn't sure it would keep in our car.

I tried to find a reason to take home some of these radishes and lettuce, when I couldn't, I compromised and captured them with my camera.  I did pick up the cucumbers for my salad and a large butternut squash that I will turn into soup one day soon.

We had a great time visiting this farmers' market and I look forward to catching it again next year. 

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