Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Exception to My Rule

When I write a post for this blog I am speaking from the best resource I have, my own experience.  In my last post, Feeding My Mind Changed My Body, I said that our bodies become our own to care for as we mature into adulthood. I want to go back and qualify that concept, the statement does not encompass my current reality.

Six months into our weight loss journey I became pregnant with our son.  The pregnancy began just as I achieved my first fifty pound loss.  A few weeks ago we celebrated our son's second birthday.  I now have the joy of mothering a busy, nursing toddler.  My body has not been mine alone since February 2009 almost 3 years but I have lost 134 pounds, as of Monday (84 pounds since becoming pregnant).

Dining al fresco - Nursing my toddler in Beverly Hills
I don't want to stray very far into the realm of parenting blogs; many others are doing an excellent job in that genre.  I know that many mothers of young children are struggling to find a way to improve their health while fullfling the needs of their family.  It is not an easy task but everyday I make sure to put a reasonable amount of nutritious food in my mouth and get activity in where and when I can.  This commitment allows me to be a more present and active wife and mother than when I was tired and uncomfortable all the time.

In our house, healthy choices are a constant part of our dialogue.  I relish the times my son requests healthy snacks and he happily eats a variety of foods at meal times.  We dance together and in his world video games are most often played by jumping around the room.  I recently adopted an exercise I call, "Shaun Squats." I hold him around the waist then squat down and stand up while lifting him up in front of me. We repeat these while counting to ten together.  He loves it and at a very solid 35 pounds he is helping me tone and build muscle.

Getting excited about the kale and mandarin tree outside Whole Foods.
As a mother my body is not wholly my own, but that is how I choose to be. By choosing this way of living, in a way it still is. So in that case I guess I'm back to my previous point. Be good to your body, for yourself and everyone who counts on you to be your best.

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